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Working To Eradicate Hunger In The Gambia Since 1969

Freedom From Hunger Campaign (FFHC) was established by the government of The Gambia in 1969 with the aim of improving the livelihood of peoples living in the Lower River Region (LRR) of the The Gambia. Over forty years later, FCC is still here, hard at work helping local institutions, particularly Women Groups, improve their agricultural and economic productivity.
FFHC is membership-based Non-Government Organization that operates largely on small- and medium-scale grants. We are an officially registered non-profit NGO and currently have 169 member organizations.
With decades of experience, FFHC has established an excellent reputation as an organization dedicated to sustainable, realistic development. We understand that no project will be successful without the full and willing participation of its beneficiaries, and thus hold strongly to our grass-roots philosophy. Only by working with the people can we eliminate hunger and bring sustainable development to The Gambia.



Support tree Nursery to produce 30,000 Seedlings:Target has been achieved. The nursery area has been fenced and this has added more protection to the nursery and the office at large. The construction of the water irrigation system through the installation and connection of the water tanks has increased efficiency and effectiveness in the entire nursery management and care.



A total of 10 hectares of rice field was ploughed for the cultivation of rice for the community of Sare Musa. Other services for the successful implementation of the component included the provision of Nerica seeds, compound fertilizers, Urea fertilizers, Systematic (selective) Herbicides and extension advise.



The importance of beekeeping is attached its relation to pollination and the production of honey for income and nutrition. A total of 20 haves have been place in an apiary and to date, all 12 hives are colonized. The community is supplied with protective gears, boots, smokers etc for harvesting and management.