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Livelihood Enhancement Activities

Fish pond

The first activity was the fish pond which was started with the study tour and then followed by the digging of a fish pond measuring 30 meters in length, 7 meters wide and 2 meter deep. After the digging, it was realized that the aspect of draining the water from the pond periodically to replace it with fresh water was an oversight and was not captured in the entire process. Even though the community was eager to see the outcome of the pond, it was aborted as it was realized that it cannot survive without water draining facility .FFHC plans t raise funds from other avenues to complete the pond.

Rice cultivation

A total of 10 hectares of rice field was Plow for the cultivation of rice for the community of Sare Musa. Other services for the successful implementation of the component included the provision of Nerica seeds, compound fertilizers, Urea fertilizers, Systematic (selectice) Herbicides and extension advise. However, the produce was very poor and this was attributed to the poor quality seeds that where bought and sown. However, the use of tractor to plow the land has loosen the the soils thus making it easier to work with the following year. The poor quality seed is a lesson that will warrant the adoption of germination test in the future to ensure that good quality seeds are bought and planted.

Banana Plantation, Sweet Potato cultivation and Garden

FFHC traveled all the way to Casamance to buy good banana suckers for transplanting. A total of 250 suckers where transplanted at a spacing of 5 meters x 5 meters. For the purpose of irrigating the suckers, a 7 meter deep concrete cement line well with 3 meters water column was dug. This was an opportunity to include the gardening components well as the sweet potato production component. The total area of 10,500 square meters is fence with chainlink fence to protect the entire area. Presently, the community has engaged the activity and the banana suckers are taken care of whiles the women are given the opportunity to cultivate both vegetable and sweet potatoes. The successful cultivation of the entity will in no small measure bring about increase income and nutrition for the community. This will also motivate their interest in the participation process of the watershed rehabilitation.


The importance of beekeeping is attached its relation to pollination and the production of honey for income and nutrition. A total of 20 haves have been place in an apiary and to date, all 12 hives are colonized. The community is supplied with protective gears, boots, smokers etc for harvesting and management. The interest group which was trained on modern beekeeping practices waxed and placed all the hives after constructing the apiary measuring 20 meters x 20 meters