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FFHC is committed to nurture and uphold the following values:


FFHC shall conduct its business with the highest standard of integrity and act responsibly and ethically towards funds entrusted to it. Therefore, FFHC shall Endeavor to act professionally at all times.


The programs and operations of FFHC shall be open and conducted in transparent ways that will continue to earn FFHC the confidence, respect and trust of our CBO members, stakeholders and development partners.


FFHC believes in the added value of strong relationships to achieve its vision and mission statements. The root causes of food insecurity are multi faceted and require holistic responses. FFHC shall work with CBOs and development partners to improve the livelihood status of targeted beneficiaries.

Networking and team work

FFHC shall seek to collaborate with all like-minded institutions and development partners in the fight against food insecurity. FFHC shall create the synergy to avoid unhealthy competition and duplication of efforts and resources.


FFHC is a brand name and high standards of performance are required of all those who seek to join the ranks of FFHC and add value to FFHC’s work.


FFHC shall research into new ideas and adopt low cost technologies that are environmentally friendly and sustainable in its overall work. FFHC shall come up with new ideas and strategies to avert the causes of food insecurity, keep abreast with new cultivation practices and propose creative and practical solutions to emerging problems of food insecurity.


FFHC believes that human dignity is thwarted when human beings (especially women and youths) are denied access to food, production inputs and ownership of arable land for production. FFHC shall empower its constituent members to positively change their destinies. The right to food production will be at the core of FFHC’s programs and operations.