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Program Focus

Rice Production:

This intervention enhances a safe and reliable access to rice fields by women farmers to boost rice production. It involves the construction of causeways, bridges, baby sitting houses culverts etc

Environmental Conservation:

Strengthening the capacities of farmers and forest duelers in the conservation and restoration of the natural forest cover through the promotion of community forest concepts. Other activities include agro forestry practices, orchards and general tree planting activities.

Income Enhancement strategies:

This includes the development of vegetable gardens through the use of appropriate and low cost irrigation technologies, horticulture training and the creation of marketing linkages and the promotion of the production and marketing of honey.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Initiatives:

Capacity building for communities on disaster preparedness and response techniques, Support to disaster victims, Literacy training, Infrastructural support to disaster affected or prone communities..

Low Cost Irrigation:

We provide technical information, education, training and sensitization to farmers and the general public on the availability of a low cost, effective and efficient irrigation technology called SMILE B. We installed the technology in gardens, homes orchards public places on demand by interested persons. The various technology components include
• The drilling of tube wells
• Manufacturing and installation of irrigation pumps
• Installation of drip irrigation systems
• Training on business plans